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Pablo Guadiana’s Literal Curriculum.






Pablo F. Guadiana was born on 1967, in Ensenada and Tijuana, Baja California. I studied at UABC’s (Baja California’s Autonomous University) Photography Workshop, in Ensenada; from there on I’ve taken dozens of courses in Tijuana and Mexico City, sharing learning experiences with the profession’s sacred cows, such as Francisco Mata Rosas, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Yolanda Andrade, Gerardo Montiel Klint, Penelope Umbrico, along others.


            I began working with mi ideas, and it amaze me how they had such sentimental value for some and economic for others. I overcame this when on 1994 I earned the Scholarship for Young Creators, provided by Baja California’s FOECA (Fund of Stimuli to the Artistic Creation). One year later, I scored the Honorific Mention at UABC’s Plastic Arts’ Biennial, with the series “El Aura del Nagual” (The Wizard’s Aura).


            The 21st Century brought achievements like winning the Scholarship for co investment projects from CONACULTA’s (National Council for the Culture and the Arts) FONCA (The National Fund for the Culture and the Arts) thanks to my “Letras de Luz” (Light letters) Project, that included 11 interviews with photographers from Tijuana, from which a book came to life on 2006 with the support from UABC and CECUT (Tijuana’s Cultural Center).


            That same year, the jury from the International Banner’ Biennial  gave me the first Honorific Mention for the photographic piece “El sueño del Gallo” (The Rooster’s dream). By the year’s end, the jury from the 5th Baja California’s Photography Biennial, granted me first place for my work titled “Historias de Cama” (Quilt’s stories). Recently, the jury from the 6th Baja California’s Photography Biennial granted me first place again for my work titled “Tambo Azul I, II, III, IV y V” (Blue Tambo I, II, III, IV, and V).


            You might wonder what I was up to from 1997 to 2004. During that period of time, I earned my degree in Communication at UABC’s Humanities’ School, where I scored the Academic Merit.  Soon after, I achieved a Master’s degree in Communication and Community Education, title granted by the Faculty of Communication of La Habana’s University, located at Cuba.


            The Tijuana-San Diego region’s photographic historic investigation has been a personal obsession for me, and I’ve been studying the period since the beginning of the 19th Century to the present day from the perspective of the photographers. Parts of this investigation have been published in various chapters of regional history books, sponsored by Tijuana’s City Hall.



            I’ve had multiple collective exhibitions and 13 individuals in México. Currently I’m sharing my photographic and journalistic experiences with communication’s students at UABC’s Humanities’ School.


011-52-664-120-76-83 (cel), 011-52-664-627-95-38 (home)



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